We want to be the reference provider for all of our customers, giving solutions and creating a good environment of collaboration. We want to promote a personal growth and our own initiatives for the improvement of our products and processes.


We want to expand nationally and internationally in a continuous and consistent way, giving to our customers an excellent service. We want to improve in every respect, providing them with advanced tools and knowledge.



We work rigorously and transparently with a high focus on the needs of our clients. Our standard and reason for being is the quality of our products. We carry out efforts to reduce waste to respect the environment.



We are suppliers of the leading brands of electronics and electricity distribution, providing all kinds of metal components. We collaborate with our customers and provide solutions to their projects. Global demands have led us to a total control of the products and their processes, a fact that has enabled us to reach nearly a 100% of the punctuation of the service and quality rate.


Thanks to the significant demands required in health and hospital sector, Promeba S.L. is one of the main suppliers of components for sterilizing equipment in Europe. It is only with our rigorous control of processes, our productive capacity and quality in the final product  that we are able to meet the demands of this market.

Access control

Our process diversification allows us to cover a wide range of products of this area, supplying access barriers, payment and ticket booths and access columns to supermarkets. The trust of our customers and high quality of our team has made us possible to supply fully assembled and electrified material, ready for its intallation on site.


With over 30 years of experience, Promeba S.L. has become established as one of the main suppliers of the agricultural machinery sector and provides the most technical and complex elements composing a machine. Our facilities and Know-how allow us to manufacture from the smallest element to the largest ones of 4 metres long with the greatest precision.


We supply products for the world’s most recognized brands of the sector. Thanks to our wide experience in deep drawing, we are one of the leading suppliers of light reflectors. Over the years we have been collaborating with our customers in their products and projects, manufacturing the lighting for projects such emblematic as the subway of Paris or Athens.

Emergency and Rescue

Promeba is, as an own trade brand, a benchmark in the emergency and rescue sector at European level. Our products have gained the confidence of the sector by being daily used for the transportation of the patients in both transport and medicalised ambulances.


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Antonio De Miguel


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David de Miguel

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In Productos Metálicos del Bages, S.L. we have developed into an outsourcing company, which in collaboration with our customers, we develop and manufacture fully finished products for a range of industry sectors, such as lighting, electric, construction, agricultural, etc. We have a total built area of 5.900 m2 where all the processes are executed from the start of the design to the delivery of the product.

Our team consists of highly qualified people in the different areas of the company with an equipment of CAD-CAM and CRM design programs that allow us to offer high quality standards during the whole process of product development. We always work together with our customers to develop continuous development to our developed and manufactured products.


Laser cutting

In Promeba S.L. we have an AMADA laser cutting machine which allows us to cut steel up to a thickness of 6 mm. In each case we choose the best technology for cutting different materials, either oxygen or nitrogen cutting. Development of programs is made by CAM.


We have 2 GOITI punching machines, which allow us to punch all sorts of materials up to a thickness of 4 mm. We have a wide range of semi-stamp and ventilation punching machines, but we also adapt to the demands of the customer. Development of programs is made by CAM.


We put at our customers disposal 2 hydraulic presses and 6 eccentric presses of various tonnages for the production of all sorts of stamp parts, such as deep drawing and continuous punching.


In our facilities we have a complete line of electro-static powder coating, in which the material is prepared to subsequently apply the paint with the fullest assurance of quality. This process can done in an automated way thanks to the transport axles.


Thanks to our own product and the confidence of our customers, we have developed into specialists in setting up complex products, both mechanically and electrically. This gives us a great added value to all the products we manufacture.


We put at your disposal a wide range of 5 folding machines of 3 and 5 axes controlled by CNC, which allow us to process all type of material up to 4 metres length.


We have 2 semiautomatic bending machines controlled by CNC for the round tube processing of different types of materials and dimensions. We have a wide experience in aluminium tube, carbon and stainless steel bending.


We put at your disposal 5 welding stations in which we cover different technologies, such as MIG/MAG, TIG, resistance welding and stud welding. We weld all sorts of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alluminium… Everything in the hands of professional experts.


Promeba S.L. has the latest HGIT technology in the application of polyurethane injected joints. These joints have a wide variety of applications, being very used in order to guarantee an optimum sealing. We work according to the standards sought after by our customers.  Development of programs is made by CAD-CAM.


Thanks to our internal logistics department, we can ensure that our deliveries will arrive at the indicated location for our customers with the best guarantees. We have our own warehouse to send our products and guarantee that the material arrives at its destination in perfect conditions and according to the agreed deadlines.


PROMEBA, S.L. Carretera C-16 Km. 59.5 08650 – SALLENT (BCN) Tel. (+34) 938 371 200 Fax (+34) 938 371 955

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